Dear SOP customers,

I would first like to thank all of my long time loyal customers for their business and sticking around for so long. Nearly 10 years now of dealing metal, before there was ever an e-store or even a moniker – some of you have been around that long and I appreciate you all.

I hope that we were able to help you all obtain some rare and hard to find stuff at reasonable prices… hell I know we did. HAHA

For the past few months I have been travelling and plan to continue through the remainder of the year and on into 2016. Due to these circumstances I have decided to close the Sounds of Purgatory mail-order indefinitely. Honestly this has been a decision I have been toying with for the past year and finally the decision has been made that this is the best time. This comes as no easy decision, but it does now allow me time to pursue other interests.

Those still interested in the titles carried through Sounds of Purgatory I recommend going to Mad Rush Media for your metal needs; his prices are fair, great customer services, excellent reputation and a distributor for H&H Records. Go to Mad Rush Media at; he will treat you will. 

As for Heaven and Hell Records; things will continue as usual with the label side and we are currently looking into future releases. Recently Killer Khan ‘Kill Devil Hills’ and Hexenhammer ‘Underground’ have been released and can be found in many great mail orders (see list below).

Again I thank you all for sticking with us and wish you all the best of luck. Please continue to follow Heaven and Hell Records for further label news and stay true.


All the best,




List of retailers that carry Heaven and Hell Records titles:

Heaven and Hell Records Bandcamp:


Divebomb/Tribunal (US)


Underground Power (GER)


Mad Rush (US)


MetalSeasons (US)


Jolly Roger (IT)


Rock Stakk (Jap)


Rock Avenue (Jap)


Red Stream Inc.


Amazon (Jap)


Amazon (US)


Best Buy (US)


F.Y.E (US)


Deep Discount


No Remorse (GRE)


Hell’s Headbangers (US)


Pure Steel (Ger)

Rockadrome (US)


Witches Brew (GER)


CND Records (CAN)


Marquee Records (BRA)


Slaney Records (IRE)


Kill Again Records (BRA)


…and many others

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